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    For over three decades GRB has cherished the faith and unshakeable trust of its customers. It has now evolved from a ghee manufacturing entity to a multi-product, multi-brand company. GRB has become synonymous with ‘Purity’ in the Indian market and over the years it has built a reputation and legacy for authentic traditional taste. With a world-wide distribution and sales network, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals, GRB is all set to become a global leader in their product range.

    The seeds of the iconic ghee brands "GRB" & "Udhayam" that are synonymous with purity, unique granulation and homemade taste were sown in the year 1984 by Mr. G.R. Balasubramaniam, a born genius with exceptional product knowledge and business acumen.

    Mr. G.R. Balasubramaniam's staunch belief in delivering only the high quality products to the consumers with clean business ethics was the foundation of GRB's market success. Today GRB stands as the industry benchmark for quality and clean business practices.

    GRB has been cherishing the faith and unshakeable trust of its customers for well over three decades and has now blossomed from a just a ghee manufacturing entity to a multi-product, multi-brand company..


    Inspired and energized by a successful beginning, GRB envisions "to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction by presenting packaged Indian food across the world.


    To achieve this vision, GRB believes in:

    • Constantly researching, conceptualizing and innovating products that are healthy, tasty and convenient to cook.
    • Understanding and abiding by trends for global acceptance
    • Ensuring that the legacy of purity, authentic traditional taste and quality is kept intact in all its products.
    • Ensuring all GRB products are available across the Globe.

    Indian food includes an array of healthy spices, due to which the dishes are cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their nutrients. GRB’s commitment to excellence and its vision of providing best quality products is unwavering.

    The company takes pride in its three decades old conviction to provide Purity, Taste & Quality. To fulfil this vision, GRB has been continuously investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure for manufacturing, producing, storing, transportation, training professional staff and knowledge sourcing.

    GRB takes enormous care right from sourcing raw materials to testing, processing to production and packaging to branding...at every step quality is ensured with seamless perfection.


    GRB had humble beginnings, and has progressed into a fully grown multi-brand company with the dedicated vision and foresight of its founder.

    Mr. G.R.Balasubramaniam, Founder & Chairman

    GRB’ & ‘Udhayam’ are two brands that have carved a niche in the dairy foods market and have become synonymous with purity, a unique granulated texture and unimpeachable homemade taste. These brands are the brain child of Mr. G.R. Balasubramaniam, a visionary with exceptional product knowledge and business acumen.

    Mr. GRB, as he is fondly called, founded GRB Dairy Foods Private Limited and built this internationally renowned brand from scratch. Today, his empire is present across the globe. His conviction and zeal for continuous quality improvement and growth is infectious and continues to push the boundaries on quality and taste.

    Mr. B. Dhanraj, Executive Director

    Mr. Dhanraj is the Head - Sales & Marketing Operations at GRB. He has completed his Masters' Degree in International Business from London South Bank University, UK.

    With entrepreneurship running in his veins, Dhanraj has played a pivotal role in the new initiatives of the company like the 'Instant Mixes'.

    His vision and innovation are clearly visible in the Expansion of Business, Branding and Advertising initiatives.

    Mr. B. Balakarthik, Director

    Mr. Balakarthik is the Head - Production Operations at GRB. He has completed his Master's Degree in Food Processing Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

    He is an enterprising person and is dedicated to constantly improving the operational progress of various product lines at GRB.

    He has been actively involved in the new Instant Mixes Business, which includes more than 20 different product lines.