• Let the taste take over
    Add a generous dose of GRB Masalas to your signature dishes and watch as second and third helpings at the dining table take over your mealtimes.
  • What a sweet deal!
    GRB's ready-to-eat sweets readily melt in your mouth, letting you savor flavors like never before. These instant delicacies are also a source of instant delight,transporting you to a world of sweet joy.
  • Convenient Comfort Food
    For the busy bees, instant mixes from GRB ensure that you have great tasting, healthy food whenever you want. From yummy Indian breakfasts, snack mixes and sweet mixes, you can eat whatever you want without much ado.

Upholding purity and tradition:

Through the ages...

Mr. G. R. Balasubramaniam comes to Bangalore to learn the butter and ghee trade from his sister, who was already into this business. Mr. GRB goes house to house on his bicycle, selling butter, packing in arecanut leaves and then also starts selling ghee. He procures butter directly from farmers. He then also starts to sell butter and ghee shop-to-shop and thus gives birth to a flourishing business.

Thus far, the ghee selling business had been unorganized. GRB starts doing it in a more organised manner.

‘GRB’ and ‘Udhayam’ as brands are established and registered. For the first time, ghee is marketed as a pure FMCG product. Distributors are appointed and spot sales also starts. All marketing and sales visibility tools are employed like banners, posters and so forth and the packaging is also made very attractive.

GRB gets Agmark certification

Up until now, Ghee was manufactured and sold mostly in ghee mandis and was melted in kadhais (direct heat method). For the first time ever, GRB sets up a factory in an industrial area in Hosur. Using state-of-the-art technology in tandem with traditional methods of ghee making, GRB now sets new standards in classical ghee making.

The first ever television commercial for GRB Ghee is produced and aired. It is now an annual practice to release a TVC on all popular South Indian channels.

GRB goes global! GRB Ghee is now available in Singapore and Malaysia

GRB starts manufacturing Ice creams.

GRB establishes its presence in the masala/instant mixes segment. An exclusive plant is set up in Hosur.

GRB crosses Rs.100 crore in turnover

GRB launches a ‘ready-to-eat’ sweets range. A factory is set up in Hosur

GRB launches a snacks range under the name ‘Town Bus’. A state-of-the-art factory is set up.

Why choose GRB?

Purity. Purity. Purity. We go to great lengths to ensure that you only get the best of what we have to offer.

100% Natural

Traditional Indian Flavors

Highest Quality Standards

Agmark Certified